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Bakers Bridge Polo

The best way to experience the thrills of the sport, as a newcomer, is to take part in a ‘polo experience’ session (see below) with the Bakers Bridge Polo Academy.


But once you have done this, there are many opportunities for you to learn more and test your abilities.


To the right are a number of ways that you can do this and some explanation as to what you can expect to achieve.


Individual lessons can be organized through and we are fairly flexible about times. If you are new to the sport we like to encourage clients to complete an 8 lesson course which we carryout to a set curriculum which teaches you all about the sport, including the riding, hitting and team strategy parts as well as the rules and regulations.


Once an 8 lesson course is completed most people will feel comfortable taking to the field to play with experienced players in club chukkas. After this, it is easy to become involved in weekend tournaments.

The Bakers Bridge 'Polo Experience' is offered 4 days a week (Tuesday-Friday).


This is your perfect initiation to the sport, where we introduce you to the different aspects of the game in a safe and controlled environment.


The only restrictions are that you must be a minimum of 8 years old, and fit enough to safely sit on a horse, with a weight limit of 120kgs as a guide.

Split into 4 parts:



  • Firstly we give you a brief introduction to the sport, with a few safety rules explained and fit equipment which is provided.


  • The second part is an introduction on the ground to the polo shots using a hand mallet.


  • Thirdly we put you on a horse and teach you the necessary skills to control a polo pony (no riding skills are required, but obviously will help!).


  • Finally we give you a polo mallet and let you hit the ball from a horse.



The Experience will last about 1½ hours and provide you with a new understanding of the game in a safe and relaxed environment.


Discounts are available for Hexham Members, we run lessons / instructional chukkas every Thursday evening at 6pm, just outside Geelong.


Contact us at HPC for more info.

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