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Welcome to the Hexham Polo Club

On behalf of the Hexham Polo Club, I would like to welcome you to the oldest polo club in Australia.


The Game of Kings, as polo is often referred to, is recognised as the oldest team ball sport in the world, and was introduced to Australia in 1874. The Hexham Polo Club, formerly known as the Caramut Polo Club, was founded in Victoria’s Western District in 1884, and is credited as being the oldest club in Australia still in existence today.


Through the “Golden Ages” of Victorian Polo, of which there have been several, the Hexham Polo Club has grown and recessed, but has never ceased to exist. The continuation today of this historical and influential club, along with its famous maroon and gold colours, is wholly due to the dedication of the players and supporters of the club over the past 130 years.


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this famous and historical club, as we usher in what hopes to be a new golden age of the Hexham Polo Club, and Victorian Polo.




John Oswald-Jacobs
Hexham Polo Club President

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